About Us

Pioneered by entrepreneurial crypto natives and early adopters at Merkle Mountain.  We were tired of monitoring and managing our assets across multiple platforms, a nightmare.  Our solution to this problem is Wele.


Wele’s dashboard provides new innovations cryptocurrency users need to simplify CeFi. The platform leverages tools, data, AI, APIs and analytics to give its users the means to optimize cryptocurrency holdings.


The meaning behind Wele is just as powerful as the platform.  The word “Wele” originates from Old English term “weal” or “wela” meaning wealth. This description has connotations of overall prosperity, happiness and pleasure not just financial wealth.  It means, well-being.  It also means “the edible part of fruit.”  Wele helps users “bear fruit” from their investments.  


Finally, we’ve built Wele to “orange pill” the masses because everyone deserves to understand and benefit from a foundation in hard money. Claim dominion over other important areas of your life and well-being.